Videos on WSL project: Biodiversity in gardens

Short videos were recently broadcast introducing one of the garden-related projects at WSL: Je bunter der Garten, desto entspannter der Besitzer (in German) … and in Italian.

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Call for Papers: ‘Young Environmental Psychology in a nutshell’ (Umweltpsychologie, Issue 1/2020)

For the journal ‘Umweltpsychologie’ I am co-editing a special issue entitled ‘Young Environmental Psychology in a nutshell’, which is scheduled to be published in the beginning of 2020. Please refer to the linked CfP, or the text below. Deadline for submissions in English or German: 30. June 2019

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Biodiversity, a guarantee of health?

The Swiss Academy of Sciences have compiled an analysis of several studies regarding the effects of biodiversity on health. Overall, the concluded that ‘the considerable preventive and therapeutic potential of biodiversity is still largely untapped.’

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