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Privacy policy

I find it important to protect the personal data of the people accessing this website. That’s why I want to explain why (and how) this website collects usage data for statistical analysis while respecting your privacy:

To improve this website, I collect usage data

A website is like a one-way street: Communication goes from this website to you, without immediate feedback to me. However, I’d like to know at which end of the world the audience of this website live, which parts of the website they read most intensively, which languages they speak, and which devices they use to view these pages. Knowing this can be useful to make this site more interesting or to improve its technological underpinnings.

The employed web statistics tool is called Matomo

From a technological standpoint, it is easy to collect website usage data, and I do that. To that end, I have integrated the open source software Matomo (formerly: Piwik) into this website. This software processes and stores the usage data internally, on a server of my web hoster Uberspace, in Germany. I do not share the collected data with anyone else. I have configured Matomo to not record your visit if you have activated the Do Not Track function in your browser.
Apart from the Matomo data, no data about you is collected. My account at the web hoster is configured to write no web server logs.

Only anonymous data is processed and stored

This website does not store cookies Cookies in your browser because I deactivated the cookie function in Matomo. The IP address of your computer is only ever processed and stored anonymously. This happens by removing its last two parts automatically (e. g., 123.456.x.x instead of 123.456.789.042). This of course means the usage statistics for this website are less accurate. However, I see it as the safest way to ensure you individually cannot be identified from the statistical data.

If you have any questions of suggestions regarding the way this website treats visitor data, please let me know. Thanks.